Driver seated reach truck FM-X

The FM-X is always more than just a fork ahead of the rest. Thanks to active load stabilisation (ALS) you can deal with the next goods transport while others would still be waiting for the mast to stop vibrating.An automatic equalising pulse provides a fast and effective way of stopping the vibrations from occurring at great heights, reducing the waiting time at the shelf by up to 80 per cent. The result is a significant increase in turnaround speed.

Furthermore, the available storage space can be used more efficiently with the FM-X than ever before; the high residual load capacity means that the reach truck can lift loads of up to 1,000 kg to an incredible height of 13 metres.

The holistic ergonomics concept ensures relaxed, comfortable and safe work throughout each shift. Foot plates, steering wheel, seat – all these elements can be adapted in various ways according to the working situation, build and preferences of the driver.

Numerous other details, such as a driver’s seat with optional tilting technology as well as STILL’s exclusive sideshift mast, make the FM-X the ideal warehouse organiser – from the handling of high shelves to long-distance transport and the replenishment of pallet goods.


  • Stable forklift mast with high residual load capacity for lift heights of up to 13 metres (1,000 kg)
  • Powerful acceleration combined with high travel speeds of 14 km/h and lifting speeds of up to 0.50 m/s
  • Sufficient energy for any use, thanks to battery capacities of 360 Ah to 930 Ah


  • High reloading performance: reduced mast vibrations, thanks to Active Load Stabilisation (ALS) for greater lifting heights
  • OPTISPEED reduces mast vibrations to a minimum for medium lifting heights and enables quick goods handling
  • Great view of goods without being disrupted by hydraulic lines on the fork carriage, thanks to its unique sideshift mast


  • Cushioned driver’s seat to reduce impact when driving over uneven surfaces
  • Seat can be adjusted to the best ergonomic position, thanks to proportional adjustment of the seat and foot plate
  • Relaxed view upwards and beyond goods, thanks to unique comfortable reclining seat
  • Easy to operate all functions without grasping, thanks to joystick or fingertip operation
  • Can even be used under extreme conditions, thanks to multiple cabin versions
  • It’s easy to pick goods up or put them away: the lift height preselection system and camera system help ensure precise positioning


  • Suitable for even the most narrow working widths, thanks to the reach truck concept
  • Thanks to its particularly narrow chassis, the FM-X N is suitable for use in block storage and one-way shelving


  • The large step and handle make it safe and easy to get in
  • Versatile, flexible access control with FleetManager™ 4.x
  • Extremely safe to drive round bends with curve speed control depending on steering angle


  • Long-lasting and energy-saving LED headlights
  • Blue-Q efficiency module saves up to 10 % energy at the press of a button with no loss of performance
  • Energy recovery when braking means you can use the machinery for longer with optimum use of resources
Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
FM-X 10 1.000 5.750 12 48 English
FM-X 10 N 1.000 5.750 12 48 English
FM-X 12 1.200 5.750 14 48 English
FM-X 12 N 1.200 5.750 14 48 English
FM-X 14 1.400 5.750 14 48 English
FM-X 14 N 1.400 5.750 14 48 English
FM-X 17 1.700 5.750 14 48 English
FM-X 17 N 1.700 10.200 14 48 English
FM-X 20 2.000 12.000 14 48 English
FM-X 20 N 2.000 12.000 14 48 English
FM-X 25 2.500 11.400 14 48 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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