High level order picker COP

The COP and COP-H achieve your demands on a high handling capacity with strong values in velocity and manoeurability. The safety is warranted by a patent-registered directional stability system, short and soft braking distance as well as an automatical reduce of the velocity driving along curves.

Horizontal order picker

Here are some first class feature of the COP series:

  • The order pickers of the COP series combine high agility for narrow warehouses with excellent driving dynamics and high productivity also when order picking at first and second level.
  • For an easy and comfortable controlling of the truck the operating functions are easy reachable without moving the hands from the steering.
  • With the optional plattformlift it is possible to pick on the first and second level as driving horizontal and vertical at the same time for an efficient picking process.
  • The patented initial lift mechanism makes the truck very short providing an outstandingly small turning radius and high manoeuvrability.
  • The stability system “IntelliDrive” bases on the combined effectiveness of spiral and pneumatic springs to provide optimum stability in all conditions.
  • By standard the COP is equipped with an electric steering system.
  • The 3-kW AC drives ensure high driving dynamics, low drive noise, energy recuperation to reduce energy consumption and no maintenance.
  • The 24-V battery facilitates easy access and can be exchanged for multi-shift operation by crane or optionally over the side by the integrated roller track.
  • COP-L enables a high handling capactiy with a standard plattformlift for a reaching height of 2800mm. With an additional loadlift the ergonomical correct picking height is warrented.

Driver’s compartment

The stand-on platform for the driver provides a large space covered with a soft, anti-slip rubber mat at low access height to make mounting and leaving the truck easy and comfortable.

  • The ergonomically shaped rear wall offers the driver a comfortable and safe ride also when travelling fast.
  • The operator compartment is equipped with storages for the stretch foil to simplify the working process and offers a high value of movement within it.
  • An electrial preparation for a data terminal is available.
Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
COP 20 2.000 125 14.0 24 English
COP-H 20 1.000 745 14.0 24 English
COP-L 07 700 1.040 8.5 24 English

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