Rider seated low lift pallet truck FU-X / FS-X


The STILL Electric rider seated fork lift truck FU-X 20 is designed for a high turnaround, special horizontal transport of goods up to 2000 kg. An overall width of 880 mm and compact design create conditions for the safe, fast and efficient transport of goods.


  • Ergonomically laid out driver’s compartment with individually adjustable Comfort seat.
  • High driver comfort due to padded interior, integral storage compartments for working papers and utensils.
  • The non-slip foot plate damped by a gas spring can have its height adjusted smoothly by 120 mm and can easily be adjusted to individual driver heights at the push of a button.
  • The ergonomically designed hand grip allows the driver to hold on safely when accelerating and braking.
  • The controls are arranged within easy reach without changing the grip and are positively indentifiable. The regulation of drive direction and travel speed is through a butterfly switch, the integral function buttons for the lift and lower movements ensure safe working with no chance of confusion.
  • Display for battery discharge and work hours as standard.


  • Roomy driver’s compartment with adjustable controls and ample legroom.
  • Adjustable height platform, individually adjustable to suit different physiques.
  • Comfort driver’s seat with individual weight and horizontal settings.
  • Large area, open steps and hand grips on both sides make entry and exit easy.
  • An optional arm rest to the left of the diver’s seat provides an relaxed arm position for long runs.
  • Individual storage thanks to large utensil compartments and versatile storage options.
  • Easily visible LCD display with symbol and numeric displays of all operating states.


  • The steering wheel located on the truck door allows optimal leg clearance. Quick horizontal and vertical setting for all driver physiques, gives the best ergonomics.
  • Fully electric 360° steering for light and precise positioning.
  • The variable steering ratio makes for smooth straight-ahead running due to an automatic increase in the number of turns when travelling straight ahead and a reduction when shunting.
  • Directly geared, redundantly safeguarded steering safety system.
  • A constant "9 o’clock position" of the steering wheel means stable, relaxed and safe straight ahead running even at high speeds.


  • Thermal component isolation of the motors, controller and pump and motor unit for optimal temperature characteristics and the best service access.
  • Maintenance-free drives for travelling and steering with energy recovery when braking. Two three-phase drives provide powerful acceleration and braking.
  • Robust gearing design.
Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
FU-X 20 2.000 120 9.0 24 English
FS-X 33 3.300 115 20.0 48 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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