Pedestrian low lift pallet trucks EXU-H


The EXU-H pedestrian low lift pallet truck is the ideal working unit for chains of shops, discount outlets and supermarkets. The EXU-H can manage several functions equally well:

From filling sales racking - where the order picker reduces the employee's workload - through horizontal transportation - up to loading and unloading lorries. The rated load is up to 2000 kg or 800 kg at maximum fork lift. Another very practical feature is the integration of a storage facility and writing surface into the battery lid.


  • High handling performance: powerful, reliable and low-maintenance drive motor
  • Performance boost: BOOST mode can be activated for particularly demanding tasks
  • Extremely compact and available: lithium-ion battery concentrates a large amount of energy into a small space and allows for quick and easy interim charging


  • Very precise and smooth steering
  • Accurate operation: gentle and sensitive acceleration


  • Efficient and intuitive operation: driving, lifting and steering processes can be simultaneously controlled by left- or right-handed operators with just one hand and without having to change grip
  • Tangibly better: control elements can be easily differentiated by their tactile characteristics
  • Hands free: practical storage compartments and a writing pad with built-in clipboard


  • Compact and mobile: gets to work quickly even in confined spaces and narrow aisles
  • It couldn’t be more compact: the lithium-ion version offers the most compact dimensions


  • Maximum driver protection: sensitive impact plate in the optimal position
  • Safety in confined spaces: curved tiller shape protects the driver from getting trapped in front
  • Accidental roll-back is prevented: automatic stop function even on ramps
  • OPTISPEED 3.0: driving speed automatically adapts to the tiller angle
  • All-round safety: full hand guard integrated into the tiller


  • Very few noise emissions
  • ECO driving programme: maximum energy efficiency at the touch of a button
  • Over 95 percent of all materials used are recyclable



Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
EXU-H 18 1.800 675 6.0 24 English
EXU-H 20 2.000 675 6.0 24 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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