Pedestrian low lift pallet trucks EXU / EXU Li-Ion


Thanks to its versatility, reliability and efficiency, the new EXU low lift pallet truck from STILL offers customers the right solution for every application. Being easy and safe to use for the operator was a focal point in its development, as was the compact build. This allows it to be used even in the tightest spaces, for example, when loading and unloading lorries, in narrow warehouses, or in business operations. Together with a highly energy efficient 3-phase drive and the wide range of options, the EXU is thus the ideal low lift pallet truck for intralogistics tasks in industry, trade and logistics.

The EXU is available in capacities of 1600 kg, 1800 kg, 2000 kg and 2200 kg. A hinged platform is also available as an option.

EXU Li-Ion

The EXU Li-Ion is an efficient and compact bundle of energy, which guarantees optimum availability. Not only is interim charging of the forklift truck possible, but the charging process itself is significantly quicker than that of conventional lead batteries – the lithium-ion battery can be charged to 60 percent in just 40 minutes. But that is by no means all of the advantages of this modern drive technology: with up to 2,500 charging cycles, the lithium-ion battery lasts around twice as long as a lead battery and can also be used in a cold store.

This groundbreaking technology is also setting new standards with regard to safety. Every battery cell is monitored in real time. As a result of the extremely precise discharge indicator, the output can also be utilised extremely efficiently. Due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries concentrate a large amount of energy into a small space, the EXU Li-Ion is also the most compact forklift truck in the EXU product line. In short, it is the ideal low lift pallet truck or extended periods of operation in industry, the retail market and logistics.


  • High handling performance: powerful, reliable and low-maintenance drive motor
  • Performance boost: BOOST mode can be activated for particularly demanding tasks
  • Extremely compact and available: lithium-ion battery concentrates a large amount of energy into a small space and allows for quick and easy interim charging


  • Very precise and smooth steering
  • Accurate operation: gentle and sensitive acceleration


  • Efficient and intuitive operation: driving, lifting and steering processes can be simultaneously controlled by left- or right-handed operators with just one hand and without having to change grip
  • Tangibly better: control elements can be easily differentiated by their tactile characteristics
  • Hands free: practical storage compartments and a writing pad with built-in clipboard


  • Compact and mobile: gets to work quickly even in confined spaces and narrow aisles
  • It couldn’t be more compact: the lithium-ion version offers the most compact dimensions


  • Maximum driver protection: sensitive impact plate in the optimal position
  • Safety in confined spaces: curved tiller shape protects the driver from getting trapped in front
  • Accidental roll-back is prevented: automatic stop function even on ramps
  • OPTISPEED 3.0: driving speed automatically adapts to the tiller angle
  • All-round safety: full hand guard integrated into the tiller


  • Very few noise emissions
  • ECO driving programme: maximum energy efficiency at the touch of a button
  • Over 95 percent of all materials used are recyclable
Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
EXU 16 1.600 125 6.0 24 English
EXU 18 1.800 125 6.0 24 English
EXU 20 2.000 125 6.0 24 English
EXU 22 2.200 125 6.0 24 English
EXU-H 18 1.800 675 6.0 24 English
EXU-H 20 2.000 675 6.0 24 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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