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The EXV-SF high lift pallet truck is unbelievably fast, extremely strong and highly intelligent. With an extended stand-on platform and lateral protective arms, it accelerates to a top speed of 10 km/h, and moves up to 2,000 kg of pallets in record time. Thanks to its huge residual load capacity, it can also store a great deal at a great height – depending on the mast, storage heights of well over five metres are not a problem. This smart warehouse organiser is also the only high lift pallet truck to date with an informative colour display. As well as displaying basic information, such as the battery's state of charge, numerous language-independent symbols facilitate the optimal operation of this strong high lift pallet truck. Together with its powerful and low-maintenance motor and its precise control elements suitable for either left- or right-handed operators, it can achieve unprecedented reloading of pallets.

Optional load capacity display, speed reduction around corners as standard, and optional combi-tiller provide optimum driver safety and enable the EXV-SF to turn and move easily – even in the most confined spaces. The EXV-SF high lift pallet truck, which is as strong as it is smart, means that you can always keep your flow of goods safely under control; from transporting loads within the pre-storage area to operating the shelving system – and you will be thankful for the stand-on platform over longer distances.


  • Optimal utilisation of storage space: high storage compaction due to very high residual load capacity
  • Strong and fast: up to 2,000 kg lifting capacity and maximum speed of 10 km/h
  • High handling rate: powerful, reliable and low-maintenance electrical drive and steering motor
  • The right driving programme for all situations: ECO, BOOST or Blue-Q – from maximum handling rate to highest efficiency


  • Fatigue-free operation: precise and intuitive electrical steering unit
  • Precise operation even in the most confined spaces: sensitive proportional valve control and optional creep speed function
  • Best view for precise operation: free view mast and centrally mounted tiller ensure clear view of the tips of the forks
  • Reliable, even in narrow spaces: compact dimensions, high manoeuvrability and folding stand-on platform


  • Protects the back: can be adjusted to individual driver's weight, aircushioned stand-on platform
  • Ergonomic and intuitive operation: driving, lifting and steering processes can be controlled simultaneously by left- or right-handed operators using just one hand
  • Battery changing made easy: optional lateral battery change for even greater availability


  • High pallet reloading rate: compact size allows for quick and safe operation
  • Optimal use of space: copes with very narrow aisles thanks to its compact size, optional creep speed function and high manoeuvrability


  • All-round safety: height-adjustable side guards keep the driver safe and stable, and provide optimal protection in all driving situations
  • Safety in mind: optional load capacity display shows the operator the current mast height and associated residual load capacity at all times
  • Safe around corners: Curve Speed Control automatically adapts the speed when cornering to the steering angle
  • Maximum safety distance: Optional combi-tiller adjusts the distance between truck and operator to increase driving speed in pedestrian mode to 6 km/h


  • Blue-Q efficiency mode allows energy savings of up to 7 per cent at the press of a button, with no loss of performance
  • Very few noise emissions due to extremely quiet drive and lifting motor
  • Over 95 per cent of all installed materials are recyclable
Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
EXV-SF 14 1.400 5.466 10.0 24 English
EXV-SF 14i 1.400 5.466 10.0 24 English
EXV-SF 16 1.600 5.466 10.0 24 English
EXV-SF 16i 1.600 5.466 10.0 24 English
EXV-SF 20 2.000 4.476 10.0 24 English
EXV-SF 20i 2.000 4.476 10.0 24 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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