EXV 10 - 14C High Lift Pallet Truck

EXV 10 - 14C

Everything you need to know about EXV pallet stackers fitted with unique OPTISPEED tillers. The speed of this manually guided warehouse assistant is automatically modified depending on the distance between the operator and the truck. The control elements of the tiller are not only equally suited to left and right-handed operators, but the operator does not even have to look during operation: all of the push buttons can be easily differentiated from each other without looking due to their tactile characteristics. They also can be reached comfortably with one hand without grasping.

And as if that wasn’t enough: the truck is particularly impressive on ramps due to its stability and automatic stopping capability whenever the tiller is released. Sophisticated lower damping which smoothly slows down the lowering speed shortly before floor contact, protects goods during the storage processes. The EXV makes it possible for goods to be more densely packed in storage and easily removed than ever before. Its high residual load capacity and extraordinary mobility make this compact pallet truck unbeatable when it comes to moving a large quantities of goods quickly and safely in confined spaces using a manual device – regardless of being moved around the pre-storage area or placed onto shelving.


  • Optimum utilisation of storage area: high storage compaction due to high residual load capacity
  • Powerful, reliable and low-maintenance AC drive motor
  • Impressive reloading of pallets due to excellent battery capacity


  • Compact and mobile: gets to work effortlessly in confined spaces and narrow aisles
  • Two drive programs for extreme accuracy – ECO and BOOST
  • Protection of the transported goods due to lower damping and precise lifting and lowering steering
  • Fast and precise operation thanks to rounded forks for easy threading into the pallets


  • Non-fatiguing operation thanks to ergonomically optimised control elements, which are suitable for both left and right-handed operators
  • Fast operation, without needing to look at the buttons: buttons can be clearly differentiated by their tactile characteristics


  • Impressive reloading of pallets: fast operation due to compact dimensions
  • Extremely mobile due to short and narrow design


  • Always safe out and about due to tiller angle-dependent speed: speed is automatically modified depending on the distance between the operator and the truck (not possible with EXV Basic)
  • Safe operation in every situation due to perfectly positioned and sensitive impact plate
  • Always the best view of the load and prongs thanks to wide mast
  • Excellent driver safety due to automatic braking when tiller is released
  • Safe operation even in confined spaces: curved tiller shape protects the driver from getting trapped in front
  • Automatic stability even on ramps: accidental roll-back is prevented


  • Energy efficient due to energy recovery when braking
Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
EXV 10 Basic 1.000 1.912 6.0 24 English
EXV 10 1.000 4.224 6.0 24 English
EXV 12 1.200 4.386 6.0 24 English
EXV 12 i 1.200 4.386 6.0 24 English
EXV 14 C 1.400 5.316 6.0 24 English
EXV 14 i C 1.400 5.316 6.0 24 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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