Pedestrian forklift truck EXG

Excellent residual capacities.

The new EXG tiller operated lift truck from STILL offers every benefit
of a conventional lift truck in a modern and powerful machine:

  • No straddle arms for easy and swift storage/retrieval of loads or to
  • pick up enclosed load carriers.
  • Fork carriage with FEM interface to allow standard attachments.
  • Excellent residual capacities.
  • Compensation of fork deflection by mast tilt.


  • Smooth, precise and direct electric steering.
  • Many handy storage compartments on the battery cover.
  • Display with alarm function, operating hour meter and inspection interval indicator.
  • Free-view mast.
  • Automatic speed reduction when cornering.


  • Fully encapsulated, maintenance free 3-kW three-phase motor.
  • Start of uphill drive without rolling back.
  • Efficient drive characteristics.
  • Electric service brake with energy recuperation.
  • Powerful 3-kW pump motor.

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