Double Decker High-Lift Pallet Truck EXD 18

EXD 18 – Twice the flexibility and efficiency.

The EXD 18, a double decker high-lift pallet truck guided by a tiller, offers flexibility and can be used to transport goods twice as efficiently - making it a truly outstanding product. It can lift up to 1800 kg using the initial lift, but in double decker mode, it is capable of handling 1000 kg with the initial lift function plus up to another 800 kg with the fork lift function. Want to transport two pallets at once? With the EXD 18 that's no problem!

Whether used at a retail outlet, in a warehouse or on a lorry and whether used for picking orders or for loading and unloading, the EXD 18 will shine in all kinds of environments. Firstly, its compact dimensions and well-thought-out ergonomic design make it extremely manoeuvrable and just as easy to operate whether you are left or right-handed. Secondly, with its high-quality workmanship and powerful drive, it will provide you with many years of faithful service as the perfect high-performing warehouse assistant. The compact EXD 18 K is ideal for narrow aisles or for taking along with you when you want to load and unload lorries efficiently. Meanwhile, the EXD 18 L really comes into its own in large warehouses and distribution centres thanks to its extremely large battery capacity.


  • Easy-grip tiller for left and right-handed operators, protection class IP 65.
  • Tiller head made from glass fibre reinforced polyurethane, tiller arm made from cast aluminium.
  • Rounded, extremely compact chassis.
  • Cannot roll backwards on ramps in an uncontrolled manner, because all rolling motion is monitored and there is automatic braking.
  • Sensitive lifting control thanks to the large buttons and proportional valve.
  • The extremely low fork height of 86 mm means they can be inserted into special load carriers.
  • Pointed prongs ensure a small turning radius and support very narrow working aisle widths.
  • IntelliDrive stability system for optimum traction in any situation.
  • Rigid and robust mast, minimal bowing under load.


  • AC drive motor.
  • The two driving programs, ECO and BOOST, allow you to adjust the output and energy efficiency and also enable high-precision lifting and lowering.
  • OPTISPEED: Controls the travel speed in accordance with the tiller angle for maximum safety.
  • Polyurethane load rollers with dual tyres (EXD 18 L).
  • Polyurethane load rollers with single tyres (EXD 18 K).
  • Clear view mast.
  • Fork length: 1190 mm.


  • Different mast types for lift heights of 1574 mm, 1724 mm or 2024 mm.
  • Protective mast screen made from transparent polycarbonate.
  • Distance between fork arms: 560 mm or 540 mm.
  • Load protection grid with a height of 800 mm.
  • Drive wheel available in various versions for optimum traction and clean floors (soft polyurethane, natural-coloured, profiled).
  • Guide roller and push rod axles with lubricators for damp environments.
  • Integrated on-board charger.
  • Cold storage version for temperatures down to –35 °C.
  • Access control via PIN code.
Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V) Data Sheet-Download**
EXD 18 1.800 2.024 6.0 24 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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