Diesel and LP Gas forklift truck RX 70 Hybrid

3.0 - 3.5 t

Ecologic responsibility and efficient turnover do not go together? The Hamburg based manufacturer of warehouse trucks proves the exact opposite these days! With the new RX 70 Hybrid diesel truck, the Hamburg based intralogistics company consistently follows the path toward minimised energy costs and low CO2 emissions.

The RX 70 Hybrid is the first series-produced counter balance truck worldwide, using the principle of energy recuperation in combination with an electric power transmission. To provide a powerful but yet energy-efficient drive, the truck combines two systems to store the energy:

A conventional tank for the diesel fuel and a system to store electric energy deploying Ultracaps. Every time the drive pedal is released, the electric brake converts the kinetic energy into electric energy which is then stored. The Ultracaps take up the energy flowing back from the system and can immediately release it again.

This system of energy recuperation, combined with the most efficient way to use the internal combustion engine taps into potential energy savings and allows saving up to 15 percent of the fuel compared to an RX 70-35, depending on the work cycle.

With this technology STILL has made another important step towards an ecologically responsible and efficient management of materials.

Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Data Sheet-Download**
RX 70-30 Hybrid 3.000 7.630 21 English
RX 70-35 Hybrid 3.500 7.330 21 English

* Rated capacity at standardised lift height and standardised load centre.
** To examine PDF documents you will require the Adobe Reader.

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